5 Reasons why Genpad will Supercharge Projects’ Growth

The value proposition of Genpad

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4 min readApr 28, 2021


Genesis — ‘The First Life’: Day 3/7 🔥

Day 3 — Genpad : 5 Reasons Why

Day 3 of Genesis is here! 💍💍💍

On day 1 and 2 , we discussed the access tiers for Genpad 🚀 , and explored its various features.

Today we will lay out the key value proposition of Genpad for partner projects.

5 ways in which Genpad would supercharge⚡️ our projects

1. The diverse Genvenger community 👨‍👨‍👦

Community is at the core of Genesis’s vision.

The very heart of the product focuses on two main challenges faced by the community in Pre-IDO space — lack of liquidity and inconsistent practices in the OTC markets. GenShards takes pride in its diverse , engaged and super supportive Genvenger fraternity across various social media platforms.

We will assist in raising awareness about our partner projects through fun quizzes, AMAs etc with rewards ( gear up, community members !). For more detail on content, see below.

2. Top-notch Marketing support 📺

Unmatched marketing network 🎤

GenShards has a comprehensive network of influencers globally who would help increase outreach for the partner projects. Our network of influencers span several geographies including Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, India, most European countries, USA, among others.

Content support ✍️

We will boost awareness about our partner projects through a strategic content and marketing campaign. In the process, we will look to educate our community — there will also be rewards for some of you Genvengers, who put in the effort to stay updated about our partners ! 😉 🎉

3. Unique NFT-ized pre-IDO launch 🚀 powered by $GS staking 🀄️

Genpad is the first-ever launchpad platform that offers access to Pre-IDO liquidity for its project partners. We enable this through our novel GenTicket NFTs 🃏

📌 Note — Access to pre-IDO launches will be primarily powered by Gen Access NFTs 🀄️ ( launching in May) — to be obtained by staking of GS tokens ☯️. Some really cool rewards await the to-be stakers ! ;)

Pre-IDO liquidity on NFTs has the following benefits :

  • Community need not resort to shady OTC platforms with low liquidity for pre-IDO trading
  • Gives projects a sense of price discovery and possibility to course-correct prior to IDO
  • There would be the intrinsic ‘collectible’ charm of an NFT — the project’s NFTs would be limited-edition with custom-made artwork for each project — this enables better reach !

The first GenTicket NFTs 🃏 were launched recently, to bring pre-IDO liquidity to our very own token $GS, leading into our public launch event through IDO on Polkastarter. The launch of the $GS GenTicket NFTs received a staggering 215,000 registrations, and 165 limited-edition NFTs were distributed to the community.

Similarly, each of our partner projects will have their own limited-edition GenTicket NFTs — with both the charm of a collectible 🀄️ and the utility of pre-IDO liquidity 💧 !

4. Access to a holistic support system 🔃

Through a top-tier network of strategic partners, Genpad projects will get access to support in critical aspects such as fundraise, product roadmap, community building, oracle solutions, L2 scalability etc.

Some of the partners are industry leaders and projects on the cutting edge in their respective fields, such as Momentum6, Polygon, Kylin network, PolkaFoundry, Raze etc.

The first cohort of our strategic, mentor and ecosystem partners can be found on yesterday’s post :


5. Super-simple processes and support 📌

We understand that projects have several work streams to take care of early in their life cycle. Hence,

Our processes are simple and designed to ensure a smooth and friction-less on-boarding experience for partners.

  • A single SAFT with details around pre-IDO sale amount and token allocation. ✍️
  • An easy-to-use NFT minting platform 🀄️
  • Friction-less technical support process! 🦸‍♂️

📌 We’ve piqued the interest of 50+ DeFi projects already 🤝 — who see the value that Genpad brings to the table. And we’re getting more knocks on our door🚪 every single day ! The future looks bright for Genpad… ☀️ 🔥

. . .

And with this, we wrap up Day 3 of Genesis… 🌱

Stay tuned for the next update tomorrow ! Genpad is coming.



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