A New World Awaits : The GenVerse is here 🔮

Are you ready for the GenVerse ?🔮

A brand new world awaits. We’re excited to announce the launch of Genverse !

Genverse aims to be an immersive metaverse / collectible platform with unique social, gamified and creative experiences, enabled by blockchain

GS is a project built around NFTs — the GS Metaverse (GenVerse) is a natural extension that we feel will add immense value to our ecosystem and community. As the first step in unveiling this metaverse — we’re delighted to launch a limited edition Diamond Hands NFT collection. This collection is intended for some of our most valued community members.

The NFTs will have special utility in the GS Metaverse, among other cool use cases. Let’s now take the first look at the GenVerse characters !

Mint by staking GS in the Diamond ✋ Staking Pool — and become part of this elite 24-member club ♣️

🔥 NOTE : Staking Pool is now live — hurry & grab your NFT now !
Staking pool link — https://www.app.genshards.com/genverse

First-gen Genverse NFTs — introducing the Diamond ✋Collection

👉 These NFT collectibles are unique 1st-gen characters in the GenVerse metaverse — there are a total of 24 NFTs in this collection (across 4 characters). These NFTs can be minted by staking GS tokens in the Diamond Hand Staking Pool (staking will be on BSC chain; NFTs will also be on BSC)

💰 What are the benefits of owning a Diamond ✋NFT ?

👉 They are not only unique collectibles but also pack some heavy duty utility within them — holders of these NFTs are entitled to guaranteed allocation in every GenShards NFTO🔥

👉 NFT holders will also get some awesome staking rewards in $GSK tokens (upto 87% APR)

👉 Further benefits may be added to the NFTs over time, in step with the expanding Genverse

A glance at the Diamond Hand NFT collection

The Unicorn

The Cyclops

The Medusa

The Dragon

More about the Diamond ✋NFTs

1. Character variants

  • As mentioned earlier, there are 4 characters — the Unicorn, Cyclops, Medusa & Dragon
  • Each of these characters has 3 variants : Common (3 per character) ; Rare (2 per character) and Legendary (only 1 per character)
  • The total number of NFTs in this collection is 24 in total (across characters and rarity)

2. How to mint a Diamond Hand NFT ?

📌 Character eligibility — depends on # GS tokens staked

  • This pool has 3 varying lockup options — 1 month / 3 months / 6 months

📌 Character rarity — depends on staking lockup period1 month gets you common; with a 3 month lockup you’re eligible for rare; and with 6 months — legendary

  • IMPORTANT : The NFT should NOT be traded/sold once you buy it — the NFT is required to claim your staked amount & staking rewards

3. What are the specific benefits of each character ?

1️⃣ GUARANTEED ALLOCATIONS — Each Diamond Hand NFT holder gets a confirmed whitelist slot in every NFTO launch

  • The ticket color (size) will depend on the character you hold

Dragon — guaranteed Black Genticket (highest tier)

Medusa — guaranteed Gold Genticket

Cyclops — guaranteed Pink Genticket

Unicorn — guaranteed Silver Genticket

2️⃣STAKING REWARDS — Staking rewards are determined by NFT character (Dragon/Medusa etc) and rarity (staking period)

Annual return (APR)

  • Note that the value of $GSK will be linked to $GS through a step function. As $GS moves within a band, $GSK value will equal the floor of the band.
  • The $GSK to $GS swap function will be live soon ! Note that $GSK will also have other utilities such as improving your odds of getting an NFTO allocation

Remember — NFT minting is now live ! Grab your Diamond hand NFT soon

~ ~ ~

Genshardians — we welcome you to the Genverse ! More features are coming soon…stay tuned 📺




Transforming NFTs into a liquidity vehicle for Pre-IDO tokens and a whole new suite of DeFi products across multiple blockchains.

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Genesis Shards

Genesis Shards

Transforming NFTs into a liquidity vehicle for Pre-IDO tokens and a whole new suite of DeFi products across multiple blockchains.

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