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3 min readDec 13, 2021


GS 2.0 — Update 1 of 4 !

This holiday season, GenShards is ready for the next stage in its evolution with GS 2.0. The GS 2.0 Arsenal is comprised of four different upgrades

1️⃣ Genshards Themis ⚖️

2️⃣ Genshards Plutus 💰

3️⃣ Genshards Zeus 🪐

4️⃣ Genshards Hestia 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

All of the upgrades are centred around building a better experience for our community and incorporating cutting edge features into our ecosystem.

GS 2.0 Themis — Introducing The GS Karma Token ($GSK)

Project Themis aims at revamping the token utilities of the GS ecosystem. GenShards $GS is the central token of the ecosystem — and now it has a companion utility token $GSK (GS Karma). Some of our community members will have been airdropped GSK tokens, check your wallets (BSC network) !

👉NOTE :We’re also giving away some Karma through this Gleam Contest

So what is GS Karma (GSK) ?

$GSK is a new utility token which will provide multiple benefits within the GS ecosystem to holders.

More on GSK utilities below -

What are some of the utilities of the GSK token?

  • GSK can be redeemed for a guaranteed slot in your favourite NFTO through a bidding process
  • Redeem GSK for GS (value will be tied to GS through a mathematical model, shared below)
  • Use GSK to vote for DAO proposals

And much more…

(above features to be integrated soon)

GS Karma — Price Model

  • GSK can be redeemed for GS on the GenShards dashboard at any point (once the swap portal is launched)
  • GSK will have a base monetary value, which will increase with the GS price as the floor of a price band in a step function
  • A representation of the GSK function is shown below (exact numbers to be shared once the model is launched)

GSK = f(GS) — the function (representative)

In the function, GS price is x; GSK = f(x)

For example, for the $GS price band of $0.1 to $0.3, GSK will be pegged at $0.1. Once $GS jumps over $0.3 and until it remains below or equal to $0.5, GSK will be pegged at 0.3, and so on (representative values).

So — the more the value of GS, the more valuable your Karma gets.

GSK = f(GS) — graphed (representative)

GS Karma — How can you earn it ?

GSK has already been airdropped to many of our long-term community members (check your BSC wallets!). However, you will be able to earn GSK by other methods shortly -

  • Take part in the upcoming Gleam contest (link to be shared shortly)
  • Staking Pool rewards will be in GSK
  • Liquidity Mining rewards will be in GSK
  • You will be able to earn GSK by participating in community DAO

Some other methods to earn GSK will be unveiled in upcoming GS 2.0 updates later this month.

Stay tuned for more updates, and get your wallets ready for some Karma 😉



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