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Spend less on fees, earn more — stake your GS on BSC 💰

Genesis Shards
3 min readOct 8, 2021
Low fee staking on GS ! Spend less on fees, earn more rewards.

Hola, GS community members !

We’re delighted to launch the second GS Flash Pool — this time on Binance Smart Chain. We heard you — high fees on the ETH chain tends to eat into staking rewards, so here’s a low fee option for those who prefer BSC 🥳

As always, our objective here is to make it really simple for you to stake your tokens and earn rewards as you HODL. This pool, just like the first one, has 100%+ guaranteed APY !

Note :- for those interested in ETH chain staking, here is how to stake on the first (ETH chain) pool which is still running.

$GS BSC Flash Pool features —

Token to be staked — GS

Chain — Binance Smart Chain 🔥

Type of pool — Single-sided flash pool

Duration — 14 days

APY — confirmed APY of more than 100% 🔥🔥

Swapping GS from ETH to BSC chain

Note — you can swap your $GS from ETH to BSC using Anyswap

GS eth contract address (enter this on Anyswap to swap from ETH to BSC)— 0xe0B9a2C3E9f40CF74B2C7F591B2b0CCa055c3112

👉 Follow these four simple steps to stake & earn

1 — Go to the Staking Platform

Go to —

2 — Approve connection on Metamask

Connect your metamask and click the red “Approve” button

Notes -

  • Please do not speed up the Metamask transaction, once begun
  • Please do not refresh the page while the transaction is being processed

3 — Select no. of tokens to stake

In the stake box,

a) Enter the number of GS tokens you wish to stake

You can enter a number manually (should be less than pool size), or click “max” to stake all the GS tokens in your wallet

b) Click on “Stake”

Once staked successfully, the no. of tokens staked currently will show up on the top (200,000 tokens staked in this example)

4 — Claim rewards and/or Withdraw Staked Tokens

There are 3 options here (see snapshot below)-

a) “Withdraw” — Enter the #tokens to be withdrawn and click on this button, to withdraw some or all staked tokens

b) “Claim Reward”- Claim the rewards earned into your wallet (in this example, the rewards are 5.52 GS tokens)

c) “Claim and Withdraw All” — Self explanatory

That’s it. Stake & Earn today.

Keep an eye on this space — more staking options coming soon for our community members !

. . .

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