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7 min readMar 21, 2023

Genesis Shards conducted AMAs with NeoCortexAI on 16th March 2023🗓️

NeocortexAi is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly links Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to push forward the leaders of the new world

Lilly, Marketing Lead, at NeoCortexAI was the guest at the AMA session

📌 Segment 1: Introduction and Basic Questions

Q1) Can you introduce yourself & the team at NeoCortexAI to our community :)

I am Lilly, and I am the Marketing Manager at NeocortexAI. I am an experienced blockchain individual with over 3 years of hands-on experience in the industry. I have played an integral role in various groundbreaking projects such as gamefi, metaverse projects, NFT projects, and launchpads.

And to talk about the NeoCortexAI’s team, we are all spread across South Korea, America, Europe, Thailand, and Vietnam. The team of 25+ highly qualified people involved in the project has expertise in all aspects of blockchain technology, ranging from trading and marketing to coding, and years of experience investing in top projects in the space!

Q2) ​​Can you give a brief about your AI Platform?

NeoCortexAI is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly links blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to push forward the leaders of the new world. Our AI-Launchpad for cutting-edge AI projects, Multi-AI-Index Pool with DCA AI bots, AI-Swap, and AI-Brain Center make us the ultimate one-stop-gateway to the latest developments and trends in AI and blockchain technology.

Q3) Can you explain the key features of the NeocortexAi platform and how it differs from other AI and blockchain platforms available in the market?

So basically, we have four different features, we called them the four horsemen of the AI revolution. These are as follows:

First Horseman: AI Launchpad

Our revolutionizing AI Launchpad brings you only the best AI projects. At NeoCortexAI, we believe in empowering the investing power of all investors alike. We achieve this claim through our tierless launchpad, which functions on a First Come, First Served (FCFS) entry system which requires no staking or farming, making it accessible to all.

Second Horseman: AI Index Fund

Our fund allows investors to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of AI digital assets, without the need for extensive research or management. This allows investors to benefit from the growth potential of the cryptocurrency market while minimizing risk through broad market exposure. The fund is managed by experts and includes DCA bots to ensure effective trading without any emotional bias.

Third Horseman: AI Swap

Seamlessly exchange AI index pool NFTs, launchpad tokens, and platform tokens with our very own DEX platform, the AI Swap. With our intuitive interface and advanced trading tools, you can easily buy, sell, and manage your favorite tokens with just a few clicks. AI Swap is designed to be lightning-fast, ensuring that you can take advantage of market opportunities in real time.

Fourth Horseman: AI Braincenter

The AI Brain Center offers timely and insightful coverage of the latest trends, innovations, and news from the world of AI and blockchain. Our team of expert writers and analysts scour the internet for the most important stories and provide in-depth analysis to help you understand the implications of these developments.

Are you ready for the revolution? The AI and Blockchain synergy is sure to take the space by storm. Join our forces as we take steps to revolutionize the Blockchain world as we know it!!

Q4) How does NeocortexAi plan to address concerns around data privacy and security, particularly with regard to the use of blockchain technology?

Coming to security and privacy we are very concerned, so we have also audited our smart contract.

Our smart contract is audited by Solid Proof.

Q5) What future developments or advancements can we expect to see from NeocortexAi, and how do you plan to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving AI and blockchain landscape?

The AI incubation/ acceleration/ AI launchpad are all in the developmental phase and we plan to launch them soon. Currently, the Multi-AI-Index Pool with DCA AI bots, AI-Swap, and AI-Brain Center is live and functioning well. Our major achievement targets are the successful launch of the Ai incubation, acceleration, and launchpad. We are looking forward to bringing cutting-edge AI products to the blockchain space. Our roadmap is available on our website and it outlines our plans for the future. Follow our socials so stay up to date on our journey to the moon and beyond together.

Q6) Can you share any success stories of companies or organizations that have already utilized the NeocortexAi platform to drive innovation and growth? 😊

The team behind NeoCortexAi consists of experienced professionals from diverse sectors of the blockchain industry including project development marketing, quant trading, angel investing, building DEX, staking pools, DEx aggregators, and NFT marketplaces.

Additionally, we have also enlisted the support of an advisor with over 10 years of experience in incubation which will undoubtedly aid us in achieving our goals.✨

📌 Segment 2: Twitter Followers

Q1) I think one of the problems with blockchain platforms reaching mass adoption is the low number of regular users. What’s your plan to attract users to NeoCortexAI?

NeoCortexAi has a robust ecosystem that is sustainable with innovative products such as Ai Index Pool, Ai Swap, and Ai Brain Centre, at this moment there are very few or limited platforms that provide these services.

with the success of chatgpt and major bullish news on AI and cryptocurrency, it would be quite easy for us to move forward🔥

Q2)What is the uniqueness of NeoCortexAI not be found in other project that’s been released so far ? What influence do we have in the crypto industry? And What stage of development is NeoCortexAI in at the moment?

The Ai index pool is a unique feature where users can take part in the pool. The pool will consist of Ai promising tokens (for now, the most promising projects are singularity and fetch), IAiO tokens, and our own tokens CORAI and NAI. This pool will be DCA’d by our Ai bot and the profits added to the principle amount will be given back to INFT holders. Later down the line, the AI index pool will be DAo where the community can have their own index pools.

We have a robust ecosystem that is sustainable with innovative products such as the Ai index pool, Ai brain center and the Ai launchpad. At the moment there are very few platforms that provide these services. Integration of AI into blockchain hasn’t been fully realized as of now. Traditional AI projects have huge potential to tap into blockchain and crypto; however, there is no such platform that is offering a one-stop solution.

and here is our road map

📌 Segment 3:Telegram Live Question

Q1)Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future?

As we are an early mover Into the AI blockchain space we feel that we have a huge advantage over the projects that may follow in the future. Also we haven’t seen many projects offer the services and the products that we offer to out users and hence we are unique from the rest of the market especially the concept of the AI index pool. We will also be having two NFTs from neocortex namely the pNFT and the iNFT, so for a chance to grab these NFTs please join our community.

Firstly the pNFTs, they are free NFTs that we are giving to our community. pNFT holders will get benefits such as-

Airdrop from IAiO project tokens, free project NFTs and sometimes also discounts in the IDO/IAiO participations and time to time random lottery winners, front running on IDO and private allocations in early rounds.

Secondly, the iNFTs, these are the Ai index pool NFTs and are wrapped with Ai promising tokens they are a proof of hold for the Ai index pool for users that take part in the Ai index pool, all the profits generated through the DCAing of our Ai trading bot will be converted to our NAI tokens which will then be sent to our nft holders these nfts are also tradable on the marketplace if the user wishes to do so.👀

Q2) Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relatiionships?

Yes, partners and investors are get help us grow. For now we have oddiyana ventures, a veteran in the crypto space with a wide portfolio who have helped over a 100 projects grow and triple gems capital as well as our early investors.

We are glad to have them on board as they have a huge ecosystem and have really helped us to be what we are today. We are in talks with more investors and will disclose them soon.

For our launchpad partners we have Kommunitas, Duckstarter,Dao Starter, Moonstarter, genshards, brandpad, and many more to be announced soon so join our announcements channels and official Chanel’s to stay up to date with us.

Q3)You have AUDIT certificates? Or

are you working to AUDIT your project, To make it more secure and reliable ?

Community is a huge part of any project, and ours I think more than most. Our community has been heavily involved in the making of OpiPets, through competitions, drawing and naming characters and items, and being rewarded through competitions and giveaways.

You can check out our socials here:

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