Genesis Shards Has Partnered with Market Making Pro for NFTs and Pre-IPO Synergy

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3 min readMay 23, 2023

🤝 Empowering Investors with NFTs and Pre-IPO Investments

Genesis Shards has joined forces with Market Making Pro to Empower Investors with NFTs and Pre-IPO Investments

✨ What does Market Making PRO do?

Market Marketing Pro (MM PRO) provides market-making services on DEXs and CEXs, offering flexible strategies, unique software, and professional traders.

Their track record includes assisting 500+ projects on 60+ exchanges, making them appealing to traders and investors, and generating substantial profits. Additionally, MM PRO’s B2B product, Booster, helps crypto and e-commerce companies analyze marketing campaigns efficiently.

🧱 Market-Making and Business Solutions

MM PRO’s aim is to provide market-making services on both decentralized and centralized exchanges, helping projects become attractive to traders and investors. They offer flexible strategies, secure software, and experienced traders to generate profits through cashouts and arbitrage.

Additionally, they offer the Chatboost/Booster B2B product, enabling crypto and e-commerce companies to optimize their marketing campaigns. Their IvendPay service aims to make cryptocurrencies widely accepted as a payment method for goods and services, benefiting both crypto holders and merchants. Through partnerships, they offer pre-IPO investments and connect projects with the right people, while promoting their services at significant conferences like WOW Summit.

💻 GS x Market Making Pro: Empowering Investors with NFTs and Pre-IPO Investments

👉MM PRO is collaborating with Genesis Shards to offer exclusive NFT collections related to their pre-IPO investments. This partnership could involve creating limited edition NFTs that represent ownership or access to specific pre-IPO companies within MM Pro’s investment portfolios. Investors who acquire these NFTs through Genesis Shards can gain early access or additional benefits in the form of investment opportunities, insights, or events related to those companies.

👉MM PRO will be providing investment opportunities in pre-IPO companies to the community of Genesis Shards. This partnership could involve MM Pro curating a selection of pre-IPO investments that align with the interests of the Genesis Shards community. These investment opportunities can be shared exclusively with Genesis Shards users, giving them unique access to potential high-growth companies before they go public.

👉MM PRO and Genesis Shards will collaborate to educate their respective communities about the benefits and potential risks associated with pre-IPO investments and NFTs. They can organize joint webinars, workshops, or educational content covering due diligence, risk assessment, and investment strategies. This partnership would help investors gain a deeper understanding of both pre-IPO investments and NFTs, empowering them to make more informed investment decisions.

👉MM PRO and Genesis Shards will be creating co-branded investment opportunities where both platforms contribute their expertise and resources. This partnership could involve jointly identifying and evaluating potential investment targets, conducting due diligence, and structuring investment deals. By leveraging their combined strengths, MM Pro and Genesis Shards can offer investors a comprehensive investment experience that encompasses pre-IPO investments and the potential of NFTs.

Additionally, Market Making Pro is a strategic ecosystem member for Genesis Shards, enabling partnership opportunities for promising projects in the ecosystem

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Market Making Pro helps investors of all tiers, from retail to institutional, get safe and fully legally structured investments into the portfolios of pre-IPO companies.

Since 2017, MMPro has established itself as a leading market maker in the crypto industry, providing liquidity to companies with a total market cap of $3.5 billion.

In 2020, they expanded their operations by launching a venture business unit, focusing on acquiring secondary shares of promising companies during the later stages of their venture capital investments.

Investors benefit from this strategy by realizing profits through the sale of their shares after an initial public offering (IPO) or a merger and acquisition (M&A) deal.

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Genesis Shards is a crypto launchpad that makes project launches happen through exclusive NFT collections. People love NFTs, and they love getting early access to Web3 projects. What if we bring these two together? That’s the simple idea behind Genesis Shards.

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