Genesis Shards partners with Cross-chain token pooling & auction platform, Poolz

We’re excited to announce that Poolz will be an upstream IDO partner for projects on Genpad 🚀

Genesis Shards is pleased to partner with cross-chain IDO platform, Poolz. Through this partnership :

Poolz is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform, built on top of Web 3.0 network. It employs a cross-chain swapping protocol powered by the Polkadot infrastructure that allows startups to build their decentralized products on any blockchain network & make it function across several other blockchains.

It is designed to link project owners and early-stage investors. Projects can create a pool for their token where investors can get immediate access to the tokens.They can specify custom lock-in periods after which investors receive the tokens for their swapped amount.

The Poolz core code is designed uniquely & leverages the power of the Polkadot Infrastructure & Parachain networks to manage information with effective sources.As a result, Poolz reduces the gas-fee for pool creation & swapping transactions while also securing the off-chain data.

Through this partnership, projects on Poolz can gain access to pre-IDO liquidity through wrapped NFTs on Genesis Shards via GenTickets. They will also be able to access Genesis Shards’ high quality partner network consisting of access, ecosystem and mentor partners.

Projects on Genesis Shards will be able to explore upstream IDO opportunities on Poolz. This will also give them access to Poolz’ incubation and partner network.

This partnership further increases Genesis Shards’ outreach in the ecosystem. More than 20 high-quality access, ecosystem & network partners have already placed their trust in GS and the network continues to grow each day!

“This partnership with Poolz will give a great option to projects on our platform for an upstream IDO. We will keep exploring further opportunities within both our ecosystems to create a win-win scenario for our projects.”

-Nilotpal Mukherjee, Genesis Shards Co-founder

“The Genesis Shards team is creating an altogether new space for itself in the Industry. This partnership will allow our projects to explore pre-IDO opportunities on Genpad and gain access to GS ’strong support network. This partnership adds further strength to our ecosystem!”

Guy Oren, Poolz founder & CEO

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About Poolz

Poolz is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform built on top of Web 3.0 infrastructure to enable crypto projects to raise funds before listing. The Poolz platform has already integrated with many different blockchains and is in discussions with more than 10 of the biggest blockchain networks.

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About Genesis Shards

Genesis Shards is a decentralized ecosystem powered by Polkadot redefining NFTs as DeFi options, creating a permissionless environment of interchain liquidity for pre-IDO tokens. By wrapping time-locked fungible tokens into NFTs, Genesis Shards is creating a new marketplace for previously illiquid tokens.

The next major steps in Genesis’s journey will be announced soon ! Keep an eye on this space for updates.

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Transforming NFTs into a liquidity vehicle for Pre-IDO tokens and a whole new suite of DeFi products across multiple blockchains.