Genpad integrates Binance Smart Chain to provide flexibility to users

#BUIDLIntegration of BSC on Genpad ! 🔥 😉

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2 min readJun 14, 2021


Genpad integrates Binance Smart Chain !

Genesis Shards blazed a trail with Genpad, the first ever “PreIDO” launchpad in the crypto space — we’ve seen some amazing response to our PreIDO projects 🔥 ! The GS team is now proud to announce the successful integration of Binance Smart Chain on Genpad ⛓

The integration will help further cement Genpad as the leading PreIDO launchpad; and help reach out to the masses better. As a result of the BSC integration, the Genpad platform not only becomes accessible to many more users by providing an alternative to the often-high gas fees on ETH; but also now stands to host BSC native projects for PreIDOs as well.

So what does this announcement entail ?

📌 Projects will be able to launch their PreIDO on Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain on the Genpad platform. This boosts liquidity and helps reach out to larger audiences.

📌 The GS token already has a BSC variant ( contract address : 0x9bA4c78b048EEed69f4eD3CFddeda7B51BAF7cA8 ) — this integration increases the utility of the GS BSC tokens and brings them on par with the ETH chain tokens

📌 By opting for BSC — projects will also unlock a lower cost option to participate in preIDOs, making the PreIDO NFT sale much more equitable

What’s next with regard to the BSC Integration ?

We’ll be soon announcing the first ever BSC PreIDO launch on Genpad. Stay tuned to our social media channels to not miss an update regarding future updates !

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