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4 min readApr 26, 2021

And here’s how you can participate

Genesis β€” β€˜The First Life’: Day 1/7 πŸ”₯

Hello to all Gen-vengers ! πŸ’

After a very successful Polkastarter IDO on 14th April ⚑️- the team has been working non-stop towards the next major milestone. πŸ“

If you were wondering what we’ve been up to β€” here’s what was brewing β˜•οΈ behind the scenes. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

1. Introducing Genpad

Genesis Shards has three key pillars -

Launchpad πŸš€ | Pre-IDO liquidity πŸ’§ | DeFi NFT options πŸ€„οΈ

Genpad, as you might guess, is the Genesis Shards launchpad.

Genpad offers a one-stop launchpad platform and a holistic environment for great projects to meet great partners.

πŸ“Œ Key highlights of Genpad

  1. Genpad is the first-ever launchpad platform that offers access to Pre-IDO liquidity πŸ€„οΈ for its project partners, through its novel GenTicket Defi-NFT option product.
  2. Projects shortlisted for the Genpad platform get access to best possible support early on πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« in areas such as community engagement, social media reach out and mentorship. This is enabled through access to our vast base of strategic partners including Access, Ecosystem, and Mentor shards .
  3. Projects also get access to IDO on some of the top launchpad platforms in the DeFi space πŸš€ today, which are also strategic upstream partners for Genpad. More updates on this coming soon ;)

2. 7 days to launch

They say the Genesis of our universe happened in 7 days. πŸ•

So will it be β€” for the very first life on Genpad 🌱🌱

The first project on Genpad is coming up in 7 days (today is day 1). πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Make sure to stay tuned to all our announcement channels β€” you definitely do not want to miss this. πŸ“ΊπŸ“Ί


Telegram Announcements:

Telegram Chat :

3. How can you participate in our launches ?

3a β€” Whitelisting β˜‘οΈ

The whitelist draw for the pre-IDO launch will be open to two categories of investors

  1. GenAccess Club members ( Eligible $GS holders )

75% of the launch allocation will be for GenAccess Club members. Club Membership can be attained by holding the adequate number of $GS tokens ( relevant for the first launch ) / Gen Access NFTs ( applicable for future launches )

2. Non-Access Club members (Open Community)

25% of the launch allocation will be for the open community who are not Gen Access Club members. This would have lower odds of getting a spot (less # slots, much higher # applicants ).

3b β€” The different Gen Access Clubs ♣️

There are four exclusive Gen Access Clubs.

  • GenBlack
  • GenGold
  • GenPink
  • GenSilver

Each club will have its own access rights and benefits, with Black having highest benefits, followed by Gold, Pink and Silver (in that order).

You need to be part of one of these Access Clubs to get exclusive access to our launches (there will also be a smaller allocation for non-Club members as discussed earlier).

3c β€” Gen Access Clubs β€” Tiers & Benefits πŸ“

You need to hold a certain minimum number of $GS tokens in your wallet β€” for a certain time period β€” to be eligible for an Access Club membership. Also, each Club has different benefits associated with it. Details below -

πŸ“Œ Access Clubs β€” token holding requirements πŸ’° :

GenSilver NFT

  • Requires a wallet with a minimum of 2,000 GS tokens
  • They will receive one lottery slot for a Silver GenTicket Pre-IDO NFT

GenPink NFT

  • Requires a wallet with a minimum of 7,500 GS tokens
  • They will receive one lottery slot for a Pink GenTicket Pre-IDO NFT

GenGold NFT

  • Requires a wallet with a minimum of 15,000 GS tokens
  • They will receive one lottery slot for a Gold GenTicket Pre-IDO NFT

GenBlack NFT

  • Requires a wallet with a minimum of 30,000 GS tokens
  • They will receive one lottery slot for a Black GenTicket Pre-IDO NFT

πŸ“Œ Access Clubs β€” token snapshots πŸ“Έ :

There will be two snapshots taken for $GS holders who are part of the Access Clubs, and you will need to pass both of them to get a whitelist slot.

  • 2 separate snapshots will be taken at any point till the preIDO launch
  • In addition, your $GS holdings will be monitored periodically (by our bot) to assess your Access Tier, in the run-up to the pre-IDO launch. If at any point your holding falls below the required level, you will lose access to the Club.

Details regarding the snapshots will be shared with the community in an upcoming post.

Note : Each Club will have a dedicated Telegram group which you will need to join ( details of the exact steps to be informed in a subsequent post ).

For non- Access Club members, a parallel process will be held, with a whitelist decided through lottery.

πŸ“Œ Access Clubs β€” benefits πŸ†:

1. Black GenTickets have the highest allocation, followed by Gold, Pink and Silver (i.e, Black GenTicket will hold the most number of pre-IDO tokens)

2. Black Access Club will also give you the highest odds of winning a GenTicket

πŸ“Œ Special notes 🎁

πŸ“ Special note 1 : If you are a $GS GenTicket NFT holder (any color), we would like to say β€” Hold onto your trump card πŸƒ with care πŸ˜‰πŸŽ

πŸ“ Special note 2 : If you are a $GS token β€˜hodler’ ( tokens need to stay in the wallet for a significant period of time ) , some very special benefits will be announced soon for you πŸ˜‰ πŸ†

This wraps up Day 1 of Genesis… 🌱

Stay tuned for the next update tomorrow ! Genpad is coming.



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