GenShards — The NFTO Process

What is an NFT Offering (NFTO) ? 🎮

  • NFTO is an offering via a limited-edition NFT collection on GS
  • Our community members get to participate in some of the best crypto/gaming projects at an early stage, through exclusive project NFTs ! The NFT will be redeemable for project tokens after the IDO
  • We support promising blockchain/gaming projects with crowdsourced funding in their early stages, while helping them with community building and marketing

Genpad NFTO — 5️⃣steps to participate


Two key ways in which you can get access to NFTO launches:
✅ a) Open Community — no GS holdings required / no need to register on WebApp or connect to the GS Bot
✅ b) Through an Access Club — requires 📍 i) a certain level of GS token holding and needs to pass two token snapshots, and 📍 ii) requires a few steps to be followed to join a relevant Access Club

i — Access Club Requirements
Minimum GS staking requirement for the different tiers -
Silver — 2000 tokens | Pink — 7500 tokens | Gold — 15000 tokens | Black — 30000 tokens
Tokens staked on Access Pool / Liquidity Mining Program count towards the access club holdings
Token snapshots requirement (IMPORTANT): 2 separate snapshots will be taken at any point till the NFTO launch

ii — Steps to get Access Club membership
a) Stake GS tokens
b) Register TG ID and wallet address on GS WebApp
c) Verify wallet on the GS Bot — @genshards_bot on Telegram
Details on this process here (
Additional note :- If you’re upgrading to a new Club, you just need to follow step c (GS Bot check)


There are two type of forms — fill the ones that apply to you
✅ a — Open Community participants will get a form shared on Twitter/TG Group
✅ b — Access Club members will get their exclusive forms at upon connecting Metamask wallet. They can also fill in the Open Forms to increase their odds of getting an allocation.


Whitelist results will be declared on our TG/Twitter channels.
✅ Winners will need to complete KYC on ( to be eligible for the Genticket NFT sale.
✅ Note that the KYC link is visible once you connect your Metamask wallet.
✅ Also note that the KYC only needs to be done once per wallet — you can use the same wallet for subsequent preIDOs without having to complete KYC again,


Once you have been whitelisted and your wallet has been registered through KYC, you can take part in the pre-IDO sale.
You will be able to purchase the preIDO NFT directly on the WebApp by using your Metamask wallet.
The time window for the sale will be notified on our social channels.
✅ Steps for this can be found here


Once you have the NFT in your whitelisted ETH addresses, you can do the following

✅ a) View the NFTs and underlying token count on the GS Web App ( , or on NFTrade/OpenSea.
✅ b) Trade the NFTs on the GS NFT Market on NFTrade , or on OpenSea , once the NFT contract address has been shared with the community
✅ c) Redeem the GenTicket NFT for underlying tokens after the IDO for that project (this can be done on the WebApp)

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