GS X Rage.Fan — Stake GS to earn tokens and EPL NFTs !

We’re excited to announce GS Staking on — a fan-first on-chain fantasy & utility NFT (uNFT) sports platform. You can now stake $GS tokens to earn points; these points can then be redeemed for your favorite sports NFT cards ! 🏑

The current staking event allows our community to ‘stake and earn’ whenever your favorite EPL team wins ! ⚽️

How To Stake Your $GS Tokens On NFT.Rage.Fan?

You need to just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Rage.Fan GS staking portal and connect your wallet

Link —

Now connect your wallet containing GS tokens (Note — the tokens need to be on BSC). Choose Binance as the network on your Metamask.

2. Stake your $GS tokens

Note that there are two staking options:

  • Flexi Staking — this option will give the users the option to un-stake $GS at any point. Every day, you will earn 10 point(s)/day/$GS.Note that points are earned for every second you remain staked.
  • Instant Rewards — it is a Fixed Staking model and the users get all the points upfront. However, the tokens remain locked for the selected duration of time. Use this option to collect your NFT immediately and earn rewards from them

3. Accumulate points !

4. Redeem your favorite NFTs using those points.

5. Earn rewards in $GS and $RAGE. Rewards are paid monthly

Rewards are earned whenever your team wins(or draws) !

You can see detailed information on rewards in the NFT cards on,

6. Rewards are earned for upcoming Gameweeks

Remember, you’ll get rewards only for the upcoming Gameweeks. For e.g. if you collect the NFT in October, you miss out on all rewards until September

You can find more detailed information on the points required to redeem any NFT within the NFT itself. Just go to

Congrats — your $GS tokens are now staked :)

About Rage.Fan

Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform offering Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Sports NFTs, Stake and Mint, Token Hunt App and Sports Oracle aimed at Sports Fans. The Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform and app covers Cricket, Football and Basketball for fantasy sports players. Their stake and mint platform,, allows NFT farming and has gamified yields with NFTs earning rewards based on outcomes in sports events. Scramble is a Pokemon-like Augmented Reality (AR) NFT & Token Hunt App available on Google Playstore, where users hunt tokens anywhere in the world. Rage.Fan will also host a Sports Oracle, offering reliable secure off-chain sports data.

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