Introducing Unreal Finance on Genpad

Unreal Finance — Earn Future Yield Instantly

We’re excited to announce the second preIDO on Genpad -

Unreal Finance — Earn Future Yield Instantly 💸

Unreal Finance is an on-chain decentralized yield futures platform with a mission of allowing people to “earn future yield instantly”

The future of lending is fixed rate lending and yield based DeFi primitives — Unreal Finance aims to build and deliver the same. It works on top of yield generating protocols allowing integration of all lending protocols.

📌 Whitelist Process — Summary & Form Link

For an overview of the entire participation process for a Genpad PreIDO, refer to this Telegram post (please go through it in detail)

There are two types of participants for the whitelist process — Open Community members and Gen Access Club members; and two corresponding whitelist forms to be filled.

Whitelist form for Open Community membersForm link

Whitelist form for Gen Access Club members — will be shared in the respective Club Telegram Groups. Access Club members can additionally also fill in the open community form (shared above) to increase their chances of getting whitelisted

📌 What is Unreal Finance ?

In the DeFi market, there are currently no means to speculate on yield. Also, DeFi users have a lot of friction with variable rate loans. Fixed-rate loans are the next step in decentralized lending.

Unreal finance allows anyone to tokenize their yield on any platform like AAVE, Compound or any new farm. Unreal finance works on top of yield generating protocols — all lending protocols along with new forms can be integrated. With tokenized yield a user can:

  • Lock-in their interest rate (earn fixed interest)
  • Speculate & trade interest rate on different platforms from a single well integrated interface.
  • Make profit from instant arbitrage opportunities created by different yield generating protocols.
  • 25000 times more capital efficient way to gain yield exposure.

📌 Key project highlights

UNREAL FINANCE — Key Highlights

📌 Key Token Metrics

📌 Unreal Finance — Social Channels

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📺 Stay tuned for more updates on the Unreal Finance preIDO ! 📺

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