Presenting the GenShards Roadmap…

Hello to all Gen-vengers ! 💍

After a very successful Polkastarter IDO on 14th April ⚡️- the team has been working non-stop towards the next major milestone on our roadmap 📍

As we walk the next mile — we wanted to take a little pause, deep dive into what we’ve accomplished so far, and also discuss upcoming key events and tech updates.📆

We wish to share our roadmap to keep our community informed of the progress we make as we move forward on our mission of becoming an early-stage launchpad while ‘NFTying’ the DeFi OTC space.

We will be structuring this post into 3 main categories

1 — Milestones achieved ✅

2 — Milestones to look out for 👀

3 — Tech and product Roadmap 💻

1. Milestones achieved ✅

Here’s a short recap of key milestones we’ve hit so far

Strategic fundraise round 💷

We successfully closed a $2.7Mn fundraise with participation from industry heavyweights such as 3Commas, Block Dream Fund by OKEx, LD Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Santiago Roel Santos of Parafi Capital and Momentum 6, among several others.

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Hugely successful launch of the first-edition GenTicket NFTs 🀄️

The launch of the $GS GenTicket NFTs (the first-ever GenTickets) received a staggering 215,000 registrations! 165 limited-edition NFTs were distributed to the community in this GenTicket sale.

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The wildly successful public sale for the $GS token ☯️

Our public token sale via a Polkastarter Dual IDO received a groundbreaking 1,500,000 registrations! GS was the very first-ever dual IDO on POLS with a simultaneous launch on ETH and BSC ( successfully completed Apr 14th )

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Key partnerships for GenShards 🤝

Genesis Shards has entered into partnerships with projects that are industry-leaders or cutting-edge innovators in their respective fields. Partnerships that have been established to date include :

Polygon, PolkaFoundry, Kylin, dART, Zeroswap, Raze network, CardStarter

2. Milestones to look out for 👀

Genesis launchpad — The First life 🔥🔥

GS offers a one-stop launchpad platform and a holistic environment for great projects to meet great partners. A key update on “The First life” is coming soon. 👀👀

ETA : Round the corner… ;)

Gen Access Card NFTs launch 🃏

This is something many community members have been asking us about. Access cards are your entry pass into the Genpad ecosystem; with different NFT cards enabling different access levels such as the GenTicket allocation size. Gen Access v1 is scheduled for release in May, and so far we’re ahead of schedule.

ETA : Early May ‘21

$GS token staking ☯️

You will soon be able to stake your $GS tokens and earn rewards. Development for this is underway.

ETA : May ‘21

A special note for Gen Ticket and $GS token holders 🎁

Some really cool updates for $GS token and GenTicket NFT holders are also on the cards, to be unveiled very soon 🔥🔥

3. Tech and product roadmap 💻

Our plans are quite grand. Be it enabling an entirely new market such as PreIDO liquidity, or pioneering the DeFi NFT options space…we think big.

Our amazing tech and product team is the powering force behind transforming these ideas into reality — and they have been shipping codes round the clock. Highlights of the tech/product roadmap are below :

Gen Ticket NFTs 🎫

Gen Ticket NFTs are the enablers of our vision to unlock the Pre-IDO market in DeFi. Each ‘Gen Ticket’ will have a varying amount of Pre-IDO tokens that are locked inside. 🔐

The tickets themselves can be traded on NFTX (once launched) or Opensea — or they can be swapped for tokens after the IDO, at the time of the token generation event. 🔃

Roadmap for Gen Tickets -

  • Gen Tickets v1 — Apr 2021 (already launched)

This version 1 of Gen Tickets would have a limited choice on ticket types. The multitude of vesting schedules possible in this version would also be restricted. The release would feature a ‘Slim’ UI.

  • Gen Tickets v2 — June 2021 (in progress)

With version 2 of Gen Tickets, more ticket types would be mintable, along with a greater possible variety of vesting schedules.

In addition — a brand new feature would be the ability of ‘sharding’ the tickets and listing them on an AMM DEX. The sharding process would essentially make it possible to trade fractional pieces of a Gen Ticket, making the Gen Tickets highly liquid.

Gen Access NFTs 🃏

Gen Access NFT cards are the ‘entry passes’ into the Genesis Shards ecosystem. They allow holders to acquire Gen Tickets. Different NFT cards grant different access rights to participate in launchpad projects.

Note that holding a certain number of $GS tokens also provides access to launchpad projects — more details on this will be shared in a later post.

Gen Access v1, May 2021 ( in progress, on schedule )

Gen Access cards would be released in four categories giving the holders varying access rights.

They would be redeemable through GS tokens.

Gen Access v2, July 2021

Introducing farming and governance via Gen Access

Genswap 🔃

Genswap is our platform enabling swaps between Genesis NFTs (GenTicket / GenAccess Cards), $GS, and base tokens (Eth and others).

The platform would connect to your Metamask wallet to enable this swap.

  • Genswap v1 , May 2021

The initial version of the GenSwap would integrate with Genpad and would feature a swap market where users can buy pre IDO NFTs and Gen Access cards for entry to exclusive Gen Access Clubs.

  • Genswap v2 , Sep 2021

More pre-IDO sale options to be introduced like pre-IDO Dutch auction etc.

Gen NFTX 💱

Gen NFTX is a marketplace for DeFi products and is part of the Genesis ecosystem.

  • Gen NFTX v1, Q4 2021 ( in progress )

The initial version of the AMM DEX — a multifunctional fully decentralized exchange providing interchain liquidity on various NFT products and Defi option baskets. It will have the ability to shard NFTs for fractional swaps and will have an integration with Unicly.

  • Gen NFTX v2 and v3, 2022

NFT illiquid baskets and NFT indices would be introduced.

Liquidity mining 👩‍🌾

Rewards will be allocated for $GS token holders providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

  • Introduction of Liquidity mining rewards, Jun 2021 (ahead of schedule)

To summarize, we have a pretty packed timeline in the coming months and quarters, with a lot of work to be done — and we believe we have a team that is going to deliver.

With the implementation of the features mentioned above, we will be able to bring to reality our vision of NFTying the DeFi OTC markets !

About Genesis Shards

Genesis Shards is a decentralized ecosystem powered by Polkadot redefining NFTs as DeFi options, creating a permissionless environment of interchain liquidity for pre-IDO tokens.

The next major steps in Genesis’s journey will be announced soon ! Keep an eye on this space for updates.

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Transforming NFTs into a liquidity vehicle for Pre-IDO tokens and a whole new suite of DeFi products across multiple blockchains.