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2 min readDec 27, 2021

We introduced Access Clubs 2.0 earlier this month — wherein we also unveiled Access Pools — a brand new way to gain priority access to GS NFT Offerings. Access Clubs 2.0 brings with it a new whitelisting process, which we touch upon here.

Note:- The Access Clubs 2.0 whitelisting process will be implemented in the coming weeks. Kindly stake your GS tokens in an Access Pool before 1PM UTC, 2Jan2022 to be eligible !


The earlier static Access Club model will now be replaced with a dynamic, gamified Access Pool model with flexi-allocations. Key components of this new model are discussed below -

♣️ 1. Your ‘Base Club’

Depending on the number of GS tokens staked by you in one of the Access Pools, or in a GS Liquidity Pool, you will be part of a Base Access Club (same as before)

  • 30k tokens or higher staked — Black Club
  • Between 15k — 30k tokens staked — Gold Club
  • Between 7.5k — 15k tokens staked — Pink Club
  • Between 2k — 7.5k tokens staked — Silver Club

💎2. Priority Queue

Within each club, a priority queue will be set using a proof-of-stake model. More GS tokens staked in the Pool — higher priority within the pool.

🔄3. Dynamic Whitelist Applications

You can now apply for a particular NFTO in your own tier, or any tier below it (duplicate wallet entries to be disqualified)

🕹 4. NFTO Gamification

The dynamic whitelist makes the process gamified, and gives GS token holders much more flexibility

Example — say a wallet holds 16k tokens

They can now either apply in their base club (Gold) — or, they can apply in Pink / Silver.

This gives the flexibility of either

a. Opting for a lower tier (& hence providing higher odds of getting whitelisted, though with lower allocation size), OR

b. Opting for the base tier (& hence lowering odds but giving a shot at higher allocation)

Note that the process would still have 2 lists for each club — Guaranteed & FCFS — as in the current design. Also, a few guaranteed slots will be offered through GSK auctions, Diamond hands & more (more on these to be shared soon).


So let’s play ! 🎮

Game the stake — and stake to earn 🌛



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