Unreal Finance — Earn Future Yield Instantly

We’re excited to announce the second preIDO on Genpad -

Unreal Finance — Earn Future Yield Instantly 💸

Unreal Finance is an on-chain decentralized yield futures platform with a mission of allowing people to “earn future yield instantly”

The future of lending is fixed rate lending and yield based DeFi primitives — Unreal Finance aims to build and deliver the same. It works on top of yield generating protocols allowing integration of all lending protocols.

📌 Whitelist Process — Summary & Form Link

For an overview of the entire participation process for a Genpad PreIDO, refer to this Telegram post (please go through it in detail)

There are…

MOZIK — preIDO NFT winners !

The GenTicket whitelist process for MOZIK — the first-ever preIDO on Genpad, comes to a close. If you are a winner — congratulations ! 🥳

Your Black, Gold, Pink or Silver MOZIK Gen Ticket is waiting for you.

If you did not get through — we would ask you to stay tuned for a Marathon May on Genpad ;)

If you’ve been whitelisted for Gen tickets, here’s what you need to do next:

📌 1- Check Status

The list of the winners has been declared on this linkcheck if you’ve been shortlisted there (if not done so already)

📌 2- Find your allocation

Allocation for different categories…

GS x Paralink !

Genesis Shards is happy to add a valuable partner to its ecosystem — Paralink Network. Paralink Network offers a high quality multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi and other blockchain applications and is powered by Polkadot.

Oracles are a valuable mechanism that are used for prediction markets, supplying users with real-time asset prices and additional valuable data. Paralink is a parachain with oracle quorums for Polkadot, providing reliable and trustworthy data sources to other parachains, such as real time price feeds for decentralized markets. The Paralink Node supports Ethereum and Plasm, with more networks in the pipeline. …

Day 7 — The First Life on Genpad is here 🔥

Genesis — ‘The First Life’ : Day 7/7

So we are on the Day 7 of Genesis, and the wait is finally over !

Delighted to announce the first project on Genpad -

Mozik — Building the world’s largest music NFT platform 🎵

Mozik has received the largest-ever grant in history from Tezos 🔥

MOZIK (MOZ) seeks to create a global online music platform based on blockchain, build everyone’s bridge to the world of music and let music inspire dreams to create value.

By using blockchain, Mozik aims to help cultural and creative content platforms and network we-media realize monetization…

How to participate — all you need to know ! 🔥


Yesterday we discussed the process for joining a Gen Access Club, which steps up your chances to get into our PreIDO launches. Non Access Club members can also participate in the launches, but the allocation and odds would be much lower.

Note : There will also be a few special entry slots for $GS GenTicket holders and top $GS token hodlers. 🚀

If you are interested in joining an Access Club to significantly increase odds of getting into a preIDO launch, do check out yesterday’s post.

📌The preIDO launch will start with a whitelist process — wherein some eligible participants…

$GS hodler ? Time to join the Club ;) ♣️

Genesis — ‘The First Life’ : Day 5/7 🔥

On day 4 yesterday we introduced the first cohort of our IDO partners.

Today we will discuss

A. 3 easy steps to join a Gen Access Club

B. How you can swap your GenTicket for tokens

( Note — This could be $GS tokens, or the tokens of whichever project is launching on Genpad )

Quick recap of Gen Access Clubs

  • Gen Access Club membership is the primary gateway to get a chance to participate 🏊‍♂️ in Genpad pre-IDO launches
  • Note: Gen Access Clubs will…

The journey from pre-IDO to IDO 🛣

Genesis — ‘The First Life’: Day 4/7 🔥

Yesterday we discussed the ways in which Genpad will supercharge project growth. ⚡️

Today we explore upstream IDO partners for Genpad.

Genpad’s strategic IDO partners will open up a sea of possibilities 🌊 for projects to conduct an upstream IDO launch

A brand new concept — the pre-IDO launch 🀄️

Most of you will be used to projects conducting public launches via IDOs, through certain launchpad platforms. Genpad is unique in the sense that it enables a pre-IDO launch, even before the tokens have been listed on the open market.

Pre-IDO launch on NFTs 🔥

Genpad is the first of its kind ‘pre-IDO’ launchpad — the…

We’re excited to announce that Mantradao’s ZENDIT launchpad will be an upstream IDO partner for projects on Genpad 🚀

The partnership will enable projects launching on the MANTRA DAO ZENDIT launchpad to get access to Genesis Shards’ pre-IDO liquidity solution; and will also make it possible to utilize $GS tokens on the ZENTEREST lending platform

MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance.MANTRA DAO leverages the wisdom of the crowd to create a community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for web 3.

The first part of the partnership is a tie-up with MANTRA DAO’s launchpad —…

We’re delighted to announce that Kickpad will be an upstream IDO partner for projects on Genpad. 🚀

The partnership will enable projects launching on the KickPad launchpad to get access to Genesis Shards’ pre-IDO liquidity solution via GenTickets and open up upstream launch opportunities for projects on Genpad

KickPad is an all-in-one IDO launchpad with a DEX that has a liquidity locking functionality to enable a trustworthy launchpad ecosystem for Defi projects). Its goal is to create a better DeFi experience for everyone. …

We are excited to add a feather to the cap of GenShards— Finminity, a Polkadot driven cross-chain launchpad and Defi Investor services platform. Finminity will be an upstream IDO launchpad partner for projects on Genpad. 🚀

Finminity is an Investment Services platform that is affordable to Startups and SME’s, enabled through distributed ledger technology and blockchain. It acts as a Fund Origination & Service engine bridging the gap between the investment world and the blockchain space, marrying rules & regulation with new age DeFi technology.

With Finminity (FMT) Token driven ecosystem, the Finminity platform helps projects raise funding in a…

Genesis Shards

Transforming NFTs into a liquidity vehicle for Pre-IDO tokens and a whole new suite of DeFi products across multiple blockchains.

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