How to Join a Gen Access Club in 3 easy steps

Quick recap of Gen Access Clubs

  • Gen Access Club membership is the primary gateway to get a chance to participate 🏊‍♂️ in Genpad pre-IDO launches
  • Note: Gen Access Clubs will account for the majority (75%) of the launch allocation, there will also be a smaller allocation for the open community (25%)
  • There are four different Access Clubs — Black, Gold, Pink, and Silver, in decreasing order of benefits to members
  • Gen Access Club entry will be enabled by holding a certain minimum number of $GS tokens, for a certain period of time ( check Day 1 post for exact token holding and wallet snapshot requirements )
  • Additional note : Gen Access Cards, once launched, will make the holder a member of the relevant Gen Access Club. Details on Gen Access cards would be shared later in May.

Part A - 3 easy steps to join a Gen Access Club ♣️

If you’ve been wondering how to join a Gen Access Club and take part in the launches Genpad has to offer, it’s a super-simple process

1- Buy / hold $GS tokens

You need to first hold the required number of $GS tokens in your wallet, depending on the Gen Access Club you want to join ( Black / Gold / Pink / Silver )

  • For details on different Access Club requirements /benefits— read the Day 1 post
  • For buying $GS tokens — go here

2- Register TG ID & wallet address on the GS App

This is done in 2 simple steps

  • Go to
  • Connect your Metamask wallet (having the GS tokens), by clicking on ‘Connect Wallet’ on the upper right side of the page (snapshot below)
  • Click on the ‘Gen Access’ button, input your Telegram username (see📌 NOTES below for instructions) in the ‘Input Username’ field and click ‘Sync’
  • Approve the transaction to register your TG ID with the corresponding ETH wallet (snapshot below)
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will get a confirmation message on the web page for this registration

3- Verify your wallet on the GS Bot

  • Open @genshards_bot on Telegram
  • To begin, type — /help in the chat box
  • Next, to verify your wallet, type — /verify (space) Your ETH Wallet address
  • For example -
  • Once verified, you should see the following message

Part B - How you can swap your GenTicket for project tokens 🔄

This GS App allows investors to view their GenTicket details and perform a swap for the underlying tokens through an easy-to-use interface.

1. Open the GenTicket web app 🈸

Go to

GenShards web app

2. Connect your ETH wallet 📂

Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ to connect your Metamask wallet to the platform (which contains your GenTicket)

3. View your GenTicket(s) 🃏

  • How many GenTicket NFTs you have (of each type)
  • How many redeemable tokens are there in each GenTicket

4. Click on ‘redeem’ ! 🔄

Once you click the ‘Redeem’ button, your NFT will be swapped for tokens.

About Genesis Shards

Genesis Shards is a decentralized ecosystem powered by Polkadot redefining NFTs as DeFi options, creating a permissionless environment of interchain liquidity for pre-IDO tokens. By wrapping time-locked fungible tokens into NFTs, Genesis Shards is creating a new marketplace for previously illiquid tokens



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