Meta Warriors ⚔️ : A Multiplayer Kill-to-Earn Zombie Shooter Metaverse — Whitelists Open !

Meta Warriors is the upcoming NFTO on Genpad

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3 min readOct 4, 2022

Meta Warriors is an online, multiplayer, 3D Zombie shoot-to-earn game on blockchain that captures the essence of finding treasures and fights for survival.

👉 Link to the GS research report :

📌 Whitelist Process — Summary & Form Link

Whitelist process is now live for both Access Club members and Open Community

For Access Clubs

  • Applications are open till Thursday, 6Oct22
  • Forms are available at (Binance Chain). Click here for more info on the process
  • The sale will open at 1pm UTC on Friday, 7Oct22
  • Whitelisted members will be guaranteed a slot once sales open

For Open Community

  • We now have a super simple process for the open community — no whitelist forms to be filled, anyone can take part ! (only KYC needed)
  • Just go to (Binance Chain)to take part in the sale — starting at 1pm UTC on Friday, 7Oct22
  • Slots will be available on an FCFS (first come first served) basis

📍 IMPORTANT NOTE — For Access Club members : 2 token snapshots will be taken at any point till the launch. You need to have sufficient number of tokens staked in either an Access Pool or Liquidity Pool

📌 Introducing Meta Warriors

🥽 Meta Warriors is the first-ever open world 3D Zombie shoot-to-earn game on blockchain that captures the essence of finding treasures and fights for survival. It has 3D NFT characters which gamers can play within the game

🌴 It has primarily two parts : Zombie Land & Survival Island. Survival Island is more of a metaverse, where people can buy & build their lands, shops, etc, socialize, buy/sell/rent/advertise real life businesses

💶 There are two tokens : Meta Warriors ($MWS), a governance token and $WarX as a reward token

The game is divided into two lands :

- Zombie Land : Gamers can kill zombies and earn rewards such as NFT and Tokens. It has different modes like Story Mode (PVE), Multiplayer Quest Mode (PVP), and Tournament Mode. It is available on Android, WebGL and VR Oculus Quest 2.

- Survival Island : is a nonviolent metaverse zone where gamers can buy/sell lands, organize events, build shops, play mini-games etc. It also has VR compatibility

📌 Key Token Metrics

📌 Social Channels

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